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About us

The Auckland Forecasting Centre (AFC) operates as a Centre of Excellence providing data, analysis and advice around growth impacts, travel demand and traffic forecasting.

We also provide decision support for the future mobility and infrastructure needs of the growing Auckland region plus offer a wider range of support to organisations requiring transport and traffic modelling information, as well as those relying on land use and travel forecasting. The Centre is aligned to the University of Auckland and University College London, participating in research and development to ensure work delivered conforms to international best practice.

We have a range of transport information, much of it freely available from this website. If you require further assistance, please contact us. The Auckland Forecasting Centre is a partnership between Auckland Council, the NZ Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi) and Auckland Transport, combining the transport modelling resources into a single operational unit under integrated governance.


The formation of the Auckland “Super City” in 2010 started the process to combine eight transport and traffic modelling responsibilities in the region. These were consolidated into three modelling teams or functions at Auckland Council, NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport.

In 2014 a Partnering Agreement was signed that resulted in these three resources being combined into one centre that provided support to decision makers in the three partnering organisations and the wider Auckland.

Between 2014 and 2016 it was called the Joint Modelling Application Centre, with a name change to the Auckland Forecasting Centre in early 2017, to reflect the increased emphasis on forecasting and accommodating Auckland’s growth.

What we do

The Centre develops and operates a set of hierarchical travel demand and traffic network models covering the whole region (strategic macroscopic level), the road network or large parts of it (mesoscopic) and detailed small area network operation models (microscopic). These tools are used to develop land use and travel forecasts up to 30 years in the future, to test transport mode and infrastructure options, and to optimise parts of the network. Different options or scenarios are modelled and consequent travel demands are estimated, different options compared and analysed and outputs produced for analysis and reporting.

The strategic macroscopic models used in Auckland include a land use location model, a multimodal travel demand model and a regional public transport only model.

Mesoscopic level models exist for large parts of the region’s network, built over many years by local authorities, Auckland Transport and NZ Transport Agency. The most important ones are maintained and updated from time to time. The Centre is currently building a full region network model to enable consistent base modelling of the road network, which will include changing conditions over a typical weekday.

Detailed and microsimulation (individual agents or vehicles are modelled) models are usually constructed for small areas or specific projects to assess operational level issues.

We are a team of about ten people, supporting our Partners’ and other projects across Auckland. Although we have expert resources in-house, we also rely on external resources and consultants for support and development of our models.

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