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Processes and Work Requests

All modelling work streams will be directed through AFC so that model management can be coordinated. This will include the management of the region’s core models as well as project related demand or traffic modelling requested by Partners or other organisations.

Any project initiated by a Partner organisation that includes an element of transport modelling will be channelled through AFC. Resources will then be allocated to the modelling tasks, either internal or external (consultants) resources, as required in consultation with the project managers.

Requests from external parties also follow the same process, and will incur a charge for provision of data and models.

Generally, the AFC does not provide traffic data as this can be sourced directly from other data owners (e.g. Auckland Council, NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport or other agencies).

Please contact us to discuss all your project related transport modelling needs so we can establish resourcing and model management flows for your project.

General Enquiries

Email: afcrequest@at.govt.nz

Auckland Transport, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142