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Travel Demand Forecasts Mapping Portal

The purpose of this mapping portal is to enable user to view, map and output the baseline travel demand forecasts generated by the models maintained by the AFC. The intention of the baseline forecasts is to set a common basis for consistent project testing across the region. The baseline forecasts are based on currently agreed assumptions regarding future land use, economic conditions, transport related policies, and transport infrastructure investments. More information about these assumptions can be found in the mapping portal.

The current version of the mapping portal shows some of the outputs from the Macro Strategic Model (MSM). The MSM is the multi-modal (vehicles and passenger transport) travel demand model of the Auckland region. It incorporates land-use forecasts from the Auckland Council with assumptions about future economic conditions, transport policies and investments, which are used to forecast typical weekday peak period travel demands over the next three decades.

This mapping portal consists of three applications, namely:

Future releases aim to include an application to map differences between the forecast years. In addition, more MSM outputs may be added based on user feedbacks. The outputs from other regional models maintained by us will also be incorporated once available.

This mapping portal and the forecast data provided in it are copyright of the AFC and its Partner organisations. The information provided is modelled data based on the "Forecast Assumptions" panel in the mapping portal which may be revised from time to time. We do not accept any liability for the use or interpretation of the information and users should inform us of any issues, errors or omissions identified relating to the data.

The zone boundary in the mapping portal is based on Stats NZ's data which are licensed by Stats NZ for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.